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Welcome to Lockers.Com - About Lockers.Com. For the past several years, Lockers.Com has been a market leader in development and design of state-of-the-art keyless electronic lockers (refer to e-lockers. Lockers.Com also supplies integrated services and locker innovation, software development, to ensure hassle-free equipment for locker users and centre management alike.Major recreation management companies in Australia and New Zealand have utilised E-Lockers to support their growing business. Welcome to Lockers.Com - Applications. Wet Environment,Dry Environment,Keyless e-Locker,Keyed Locker. The state-of-the-art e-Locker System can be installed into a wide range of venues. To help with the installation of the e-Locker System within your venue and ascertain the correct configuration that best suits your clientele please contact us. Welcome to Lockers.Com - Keyless Lockers. Keyless solutions due to your competitive nature.Lockers.Com has developed a state-of-the-art keyless electronic locker system, offering centre management highly secure storage to their members and improving cash flow of the centres, whilst at the same time supplying an excellent and much needed service. With aquatic centres, fitness clubs, sports pavilions, theme parks and water parks etc needing to provide users with greater security for their valuables and personal items, e-Lockers have become an integral part of delivering member/user satisfaction in facilities. Welcome to Lockers.Com - Purchase Options. There are a variety of buying, leasing or profit share options for the state-of-the-art e-Locker System. Lockers.Com provides flexibilities for centres to implement the e-Lockers themselves depending on their budget and commercial requirements. Welcome to Lockers.Com - Services. After sales service is a critical aspect of the e-Locker System. Lockers.Com has employed a professional team of engineers and technicians to deliver superior service to support the e-Locker System in your centre.Software development and Additional services. Welcome to Lockers.Com - Contact Lockers.Com
Contact Lockers.Com. e-Lockers are the latest in locker technology bringing locker management and security into the New Millennium. We provide different types of keyless lockers.

PO Box 689 Hurstville
NSW 1481
Ph: 0061 2 8188 0658
Fax: 0061 7 4033 7022
  Australia keyless lockers
PO Box 101 626
North Shore Mail Centre
New Zealand
Ph: 0064 9 2803921
Fax: 0064 9 444 8873
   New Zealand keyless locker

Ph: 0086 20 28890011
mobile: 0086 138 0988 0380

  China keyless lockers
Unit A2, 3/F Yee Lim Industrial Bldg.
No. 32-40 Kwai Ting Road
Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 83070727 / 2870 3985 / 2741 8221
Fax: (852) 2741 8881
   Hong Kong keyless locker

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Welcome to Lockers.Com. E-Lockers are the latest in locker technology bringing locker management and security into the New Millennium. We provide different keyless locker solutions  
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PO Box 689 Hurstville NSW 1481 Sydney Australia